Sixty Years of Sidi Comfort and Performance

Sidi is celebrating its 60th anniversary with—what else—new shoes. But the brand’s not just creating a new colorway of an existing shoe and calling it a day. No, this milestone calls for something special, something like its lightest ever shoe, jam packed with new features. That something is here, and it’s aptly called the Sixty.


  • Sidi’s lightest shoe.
  • All new Tecno 4 closure system makes entry and exit faster and easier.
  • Vent Carbon Sole maximizes stiffness with 3k carbon fiber, but allows some toe flex for comfort.
  • Won’t come cheap: $450.

The Sixty features a brand new design based around the Tecno 4 closure system, which makes entry and exit easier and faster. Along with a Velcro strap over the toe box, a single dial, which moves away from the tongue for ease of entry, controls the fit.

Weight savings have been achieved in part thanks to a vented microfiber Techpro upper and a new integrated heel cup, the brand’s lightest yet. But despite being light, the heel cup is reinforced enough to both maintain its shape and support your foot during hard efforts. A handmade Vent Carbon Sole, made with carbon woven in opposing angles for maximum stiffness, ensures no effort is wasted. A small amount of flex has strategically been built into the toe area to promote circulation and relieve stress on the plantar tendon.

As with other Sidi shoes, parts of the Sixty are replaceable, including the closure system and heel pad, so you’re not out of luck if you take a spill. And while it’s not Sidi’s most expensive shoe to date, the $450 price tag is nothing to scoff at. Though if there’s a brand of shoes we’ve never had a problem paying top dollar for, it’s Sidi.

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