Squeezing out those last few hours in waning daylight, or have already resigned to evenings on the trainer? The Peloton Service Course has some goods for either case this week. We look at the improvements on the new Wahoo Kickr, Fabric puts break lights on bicycles and Silca, with some help from Boa, comes up with a better way to do the seat bag.


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Boa Meets The Tool Roll
All it takes is one good pair of bib shorts being ruined by a seat bag’s velcro, and we find ourselves searching for a better option.  Silca turned to Boa for the closure system on the Seat Roll Primio for a better way to hold tools on a ride.  When Boa trickles down off high end footwear the application sometimes seems suspect, but Silca’s design here is well thought out, and the Boa improves on the function compared to a typical seat bag/tool roll.  The Boa easily snugs the Seat Roll up under your saddle whether its stuffed to the gills, or running light after a mid ride flat. The Seat Roll itself is made of a waterproof waxed cotton canvas with reflective stitching.  Inside there are three pockets with enough space to hold two CO2 catridges with a regulator, a tube up to 700×45 and a multi-tool.  Taking the Seat Roll Primo on and off requires far less dexterity compared to a standard design and as we have come to expect from Silca, it is no eye sore either.  $49; silca.cc

Improving on Winter
When it comes to direct drive smart trainers, the Wahoo Kickr has had its way with the industry, but much like we saw with power meters, the market has begun to get crowded.  This means only good news for the consumer, more innovation and improvements at competitive pricing.  To keep its edge, Wahoo released the new Kickr.  Wahoo knocked it out of the park the first go around so not a ton was needed, this is just some tweaks on the existing design and hardware.  The new Kickr is quieter than before, not only does it operate at lower decibles, the tone was made less offensive.  Accuracy was improved as well, they claim the power measurement is now within +/- 2%.  The responsiveness between big resistance changes was quickened, you will appreciate this one if you have ever been deep in an erg mode workout and lag to the resistance unit caused the 15 second 800 watt interval to turn into an 18 second interval. Also, a seemingly small but much needed change was to the handle.  The new position makes it much less awkward to carry around.  Don’t discount this, 48 lbs is heavy, especially for a cyclist! $1199; www.wahoofitness.com

A Brake Light For Your Bike
It’s no secret, riding bicycles on the road has its inherent dangers. A lot of the potential danger comes from the interaction between bicycles and motor vehicles, so we are all ears when a product is released to try and make that interaction safer. Fabric’s FLR30 tail light makes clever use of an accelerometer to alert drivers when you slow or stop. Simply put, its a rear light that also behaves as a brake light. When the accelerometer senses slowing or stopping the brightness is increased. Not that safety should have a price, but at $39 if this light makes the road even just one iota safer, it is worth it. The rest of the features round out what would be expected from a good tail light; Adjustable mounting system, water proof, USB rechargeable and an 8+ hour burn time. fabric.cc