This week the Peloton Service Course takes a look at a waterproof dual purpose bag from North St., Scapin’s first road bike with disc breaks and Sigma Sport’s brightest light ever.


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Places to Go Rain or Shine
North St. came about in 2009 to satisfy the simple need of a high quality bike bag that can also easily be worn as a backpack.  Since then this small company out of Portland Oregon has expanded its catalogue with a wide selection of some of the more beautifully crafted bags and accessories available.  The newest offering, The Morrison Backpack Pannier, goes back to North St’s roots, effortlessly transitioning from Backpack to Pannier.  Simply tuck the straps inside the pocket, connect the bungee hook mount and it is ready to attach to a bike.  Like most of North St. bags, the Morrison Backpack Pannier is built to withstand the foulest of weather.  It is handmade from a fully waterproof nylon and comes with a lifetime warranty.  Small touches like a brightly colored liner for quickly finding items hints that this bag was designed and built by frequent users of their own products. $189;

Turn Night to Day
No matter how bright our lights are, there is always that moment where we wish it could be a little brighter.  Sigma Sport has released their brightest light to date to confidently illuminate even the darkest riding.  The Sigma Sport BUSTER 2000 uses three CREE LEDs for a 2000 lumen output.  To put it in perspective, a typical car headlight is around 1400 lumens.  There are not a lot of situations, if any, that would require a brighter light for a bike.  The BUSTER 2000 is more than just a bright light, there are several clever features.  It comes with a wireless remote control that glows in the dark.  If a light is being used it is obviously dark, if it’s dark out  it’s hard to see the buttons, if the buttons glow in the dark they are easier to press…smart.  The light itself has a versatile mounting system that works well on handlebars, action cameras, and a variety of helmets.   The battery pack, in addition to having an easy to read charge indicator, has a USB port to charge other devices.  For a light of this intensity the battery life is not too shabby either, depending on which one of the 7 light settings are being used, a full charge will last from 2.5 hours up to 20 hours.  $299;

The Latest in Italian Design
Scapin has already gotten off to a quick start with its new disc road bike.  The 2017 Scapin Kalibra recently bagged a Tech Award at the CosmoBike Show in Verona.  Redesigned from the ground up, the Kalibra is a bike to fit any style of road riding.  The geometry is certainly racy enough for more aggressive riding, but the disc breaks and room for 28mm tires gives the bike a dose of versatility.   The “reverse” carbon fork allows for the tire clearance as well as stiffening up the front end.  A mix of T800 and T1000 carbon keep the frame light with tube shaping that dips the bike into the road aero category.  The frames are hand painted in Italy and the look certainly has some Italian flair.  Italian is usually synonymous with expensive in the bike industry, but the Kalibra comes with a price point that’s in line with the higher volume bike companies. $2699 for frameset;