It’s not inappropriate to say the ladies and Italian shoes have a special relationship. As the cycling industry continues to try and win women over with a rather scattershot approach of ‘inspirational’ marketing and women’s specific product it is no surprise Italian shoe manufacturer SIDI is way ahead of the game. Its shoes have always been prized for fit above all else, and when making a great women’s shoe required a specific last SIDI did it because they only make great shoes, not because the marketing department needed it.

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The SIDI’s handmade in Italy Five Carbon Women’s shoe is based on SIDI’s women’s last. The forefoot is slightly wider than the men’s last, but a lower volume overall while the heel is narrower. These differences are millimeter accurate across all sizes, from 38 to 43, with every half size in between. It’s those half sizes that drive home how fit obsessed SIDI is, each grows by just 3mm in length and a corresponding amount in total volume. The SIDI Five Carbon is also available in all men’s sizes and MEGA wide. It’s safe to say you will find a SIDI with the perfect fit. This focus on fit is the reason you won’t find fancy insoles or heat moldable shoes from SIDI, if the fit is right to begin with customization is redundant.


The SIDI Five Carbon uses the 11 Carbon/Composite Sole with a 3K carbon mid-sole within a nylon matrix. While stiffer than the previous SIDI composite sole it is the perfect solution for the women cyclist that doesn’t need the stiffness of full carbon SIDI outsoles designed for men’s World Tour power. Above that sole are the things SIDI is famous for – the SoftInstep Closure System to ensure even pressure, the Caliper Buckle which guarantees micro adjustability, high security Velcro and the SIDI Heel Cup for retention at the back of the foot. The upper is constructed of Technomicro, breathable synthetic leather that won’t stretch or break down, and when combined with the ballistic mesh -panels provides great hot weather performance.

On the bike any stiffness the sole may give up to full carbon versions is unnoticed, especially in the size 38 we tested. The lower cost Five Carbon also has an advantage over the top of the line Wire for any ride that likes to adjust their shoes on the bike. The Caliper releases tension by tiny half clicks making it truly micro adjustable and much easier to execute on the fly than the Wire’s retention system. SIDI has shown a passion for delivering great shoes based on great fit for cyclists, men or women. Women’s specific is not a marketing ploy, it’s just the way SIDI has always done business.

SIDI FIVE Carbon Women’s Price: $290 Weight: 250grams (size39)