“Shorter, more powerful, more comfortable.” Bold claims (ok, maybe not the first adjective) by Italian saddle manufacturer Selle Italia regarding their new Novus Boost saddle. Available in three rail versions, Kit Carbonio, TI 316 Rail, and Manganese Rail, we think the Novus Boost substantiates these claims. We tried out the Kit Carbonio version and had a blast.


Perhaps in response to growing triathlon influence in the cycling saddle world, the new Novus Boost is noticeably shorter than it’s cousin, the Novus Endurance Superflow; 2 centimeters shorter in fact. In combination with Selle Italia’s “Superflow” wide channel, which relieves pressure from the perineal area, this saddle allows you to more easily adapt to an agressive racing position when you are faced with a stiff headwind or your riding partner throws down a questionable sneak attack.
Double padding with strategically varied density adds to the Superflow comfort, allowing you to stay as fresh as possible on longer rides. This model’s Carbokeramic rail (carbon fiber with a ceramic coating to protect the rails from the seat clamp) saves weight and more importantly adds to the design’s damping nature to curate a damn comfortable ride. Finally, the Novus Boost is encompassed in a Fibra-tek technical microfiber cover material which saves weight and makes this a durable saddle to get you through years of riding.
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Now a bit for the aesthetically conscious; the Novus Boost wouldn’t be a Selle Italia without some signature Italian style. Rear Nubuk inserts compliment the smart white Selle Italia logos making for a nice looking finish. The Fibra-tek coating has a textured sit-bone area, decreasing unwanted slipping and adding a smart purposeful look. Even the ergonomic curved shape, which gives the saddle some extra flexibility and give over rougher terrain, was designed with aesthetic in mind. Simply put, it’s a fast and sexy looking ride.
187g $319.99 www.selleitalia.com