SCOTT Releases Sleek New Addict Gravel Bikes Highly integrated gravel race bikes that are versatile enough for adventuring deeper off the beaten path

A new SCOTT Addict Gravel bike is here, and it’s taking on everything. Bringing the integration and sleekness of SCOTT’s road models to gravel, the Addict Gravel is built with enough versatility in mind to be taken on most any ride and customized for any use—from simple outings to mud-fests and bikepacking adventures.

The most striking feature of this gravel bike is how integrated it is—at first glance it looks like a road bike. That might be because it features the same completely integrated cable routing for both mechanical and electronic shifting as found on the Addict RC and Foil RC road models. A brand new SYNCROS Creston iC SL X cockpit, which weighs a scant 335 grams and features 16-degree flared drops, makes this integration possible. The aero shaped tops have also been designed with recessed tops with the idea of adding thicker bar tape for shock absorption without making the bars feel chunky or unwieldy.

The new SYNCROS Creston iC SL X cockpit, which weighs a scant 335 grams and features 16-degree flared drops. Image: Courtesy, SCOTT


Besides the integration, the use of SCOTT’s patented truncated airfoil design throughout the new gravel frame gives it a sleek road look as well. The down-tube, head-tube, seat-tube, seatpost, seat-stays all get the aero treatment. Optimizing aerodynamics for gravel riding makes perfect sense. After all, for many of us, gravel races are the longest rides we go on, and any additional advantage without sacrificing comfort is welcome.

Aggressive gravel geometry

As you take a closer look, though, you’ll notice that the bike is in fact made with off-road riding in mind. Compared to the previous Addict Gravel, you will now find an increased reach coupled with a shorter stem, a longer fork rake and a lowered bottom bracket—all features that should increase stability and confidence in off road riding. SCOTT says that the redesign also makes for a more agile bike that provides the optimal position for pedaling efficiency. And crucially, all these redesigns make space for 45mm tires, opening up the bike to rides well beyond just fast gravel racing.

Image: Courtesy, SCOTT

Mounts for any type of ride

Gravel riders increasingly expect their bikes to take them on bigger rides and adventures. That means accommodating bags and accessories to support those adventures. The Addict Gravel has plenty of mounting points in addition to the two water bottle mounting points inside the main triangle. Beneath the down-tube there is an additional bottle/accessory mount. And there’s another bag mount on the top-tube. Plus, now the frame features fender mounts, which still allow the bike to clear 40mm tires.

Image: Courtesy, SCOTT

Big disc rotor compatibility

If your rides find you taking on steeper descents or carrying more weight, this bike’s brakes will be able to keep up. The front disc brake can handle 160mm or 180mm rotors, while the rear can handle 160mm or 140mm rotors.

Drivetrain Versatility

This bike has an impressive amount of drivetrain versatility for how integrated it is. It can run both mechanical and electronic groupsets, while also allowing for either 1x or 2x setups. When run as a 1x, you can replace the front derailleur hanger with a chain guide or a closing plate.

SCOTT’s lightest—and strongest—gravel frame ever

Image: Courtesy, SCOTT

There’s another reason you may mistake the Addict Gravel for a road bike: its weight. Like the road-focused Addict models, the Addict Gravel is very light, but it has a primary focus on standing up to the harshness of gravel terrain. That’s why SCOTT has made this its strongest carbon road frame ever, something the brand said has been achieved through strategic carbon layering and reinforcement in certain zones. The Addict Gravel Tuned frame weighs 930 grams, while the fork adds 395 grams.


SCOTT has announced specs for four builds. The top end Addict Gravel Tuned model will be equipped with SRAM Red eTap AXS with a power meter and a 46/33T, 10-36T drivetrain. The Addict Gravel 10 will have Force eTap AXS and a 46/33T, 10-36T drivetrain. The Addict Gravel 30 will have a Shimano GRX mechanical build with a 46/30T, 11-34T drivetrain. The Contessa Addict Gravel 15 will also have a GRX mechanical build with a 46/30T, 11-34T drivetrain.

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