Sage Updates the Versatile Barlow Gravel Race Bike

The Barlow, a race-oriented gravel bike, has been a staple of Oregon-based Sage Titanium bicycles lineup for a while now. A versatile frame, it can go from gravel races to adventure rides, and does not feel out of place with a set of road wheels installed. Now, Sage has updated the design in a few ways that shed weight, enhance the looks and improve ride quality without altering the handling and feel of the frame.


The Barlow now comes with a threaded T47 bottom bracket shell, which is becoming a widely adopted standard due to its reliability and smoothness. Rising up from the bottom bracket, the seat tube has been reduced in diameter from 31.6mm down to the 27.2mm seat post standard. An additional notable change is to the seat stays, which get an “S-Bend” shape, the same as used on Sage’s Skyline road bike model. Together, the smaller seat tube and new stays help reduce road vibration to keep riders fresh for longer.

The Barlow now features a T47 bottom bracket.

To save some weight and provide a cosmetic upgrade, the rear brake line is now internally routed, which removes five brake saddles’s worth of weight and the accompanying welding. Additionally, hooded dropouts replace the previously used plate-style dropouts, shaving off further weight.

Hooded dropouts replace plate-style dropouts. 

The geometry of the Barlow remains unchanged across all the sizes, with one exception. The 62cm frame gets a 1cm taller head tube, which helps it better fit taller riders. Tire clearance remains the same as well at 700×40 and 650×50.

The curved seat stays, borrowed from the Skyline road frame, mitigate road buzz.

These upgrades come with a slight price increase of $100, brining the frame price to $3,000. But we think the enhanced ride quality, saved weight and updated aesthetics are all well worth the extra Benjamin. If you want the high-shine polished finish shown here in this build made for the Chris King Open House, that will set you back an additional $1,750, bringing the total frame price to $4,750. A polished frame, seatpost, and titanium seatpost collar bring the total to $5,000. Pricey, but it sure does look good!

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