The Top 5 Headset Spacers Slammed is out; stack that stem my friends!

Chris King

Go ahead, treat yourself. Chris King components are known for their precision, and the brand’s headset spacers are no different. Turned from solid bar-stock, these spacers come in a dozen colors to match your Chris King headset and offer the laterally stiff yet vertically compliant ride you expect from top-tier components.

$44—set of 3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 25mm spacers


These premium headset spacers are made from carbon so you can save precious grams while you stack that stem sky high. Giant sells these laterally stiff yet vertically compliant spacers in a kit that includes one 2.5mm, two 5mm and two 10mm spacers.


Woven from 3k carbon, these spacers from PRO offer premium performance with impressive lateral stiffness, while still somehow maintaining that sought-after vertical compliance.

FSA Polycarbonate

The go-to, the standby, old reliable—whatever you want to call it, this polycarbonate spacer from FSA is the one that has seen you through thick and thin, patiently waiting as you went through that slammed stem phase. This spacer offers the laterally stiff yet vertically compliant ride serious riders crave.

Race Face

Offering that vertically stiff yet laterally complaint ride quality needed to get through 12-hour hauls in the saddle, this Race Face kit is the off-road spacer answer to gravel riders’ prayers.

Honorable Mention: This one we found buried in the depths of our tool box

This 4-gram, unbadged spacer we found lurking in the dark abyss of our tool box next to a valve stem and a bar plug is always ready to sub in if called upon, offering plenty of vertical compliance, yet maintaining lateral stiffness that holds its own with the best of them. 

Happy April! May it be shorter than March felt.