This new helmet from Suomy proves that saving serious weight does not have to cost serious dollars. The Suomy Timeless weighs 190 grams and costs just $95. Despite the amazing price the Timeless is a full-featured helmet with incredible fit and finish. It has 35 vents, all angled precisely to increase airflow, reduce weight and improve impact resistance. The fit system, called SMC (or Suomy Minimum Contact), is full featured using a micro-adjustable rear cradle that helps minimize contact between the helmet and head to help with cooling—and, in case you’re wondering, it passes every safety test necessary for certification—just like helmets costing three times as much. With summer temperatures in our Southern California testing grounds pushing past 110 degrees Fahrenheit many days, the Timeless has proven itself not only the best value in helmets, but also one of the best helmets at any price. $95, 190g;