Quick Hit: Maxima MPPL Lubricant for your bike and beyond

Hopefully you have your bike-cleaning-and-maintenance routine down to a science by now. But after cleaning the drivetrain and making sure everything is shiny, things that are easy to overlook are the small moving parts and bolts throughout a bike. Maxima MPPL (Multi Purpose Penetrating Lube) can be applied to brake-lever pivots, derailleur pivots, cables, shifters and other moving metal parts in a bike that need protection from rust. This light lubricant keeps all the other parts on your bike working in tiptop shape for longer. It also helps loosen sticky nuts and bolts. Plus, unlike a lot of products you buy for cycling, its uses extend beyond the bike; apply it to metal parts around the house that need rust protection or a little extra help getting loose.

$8.99 (14.5 fl. oz. spray bottle); maximausa.com