If you are holding the latest issue of peloton (issue 28) in your hands and reading about how much we loved the Pivot Vault, you know the bike is based on the BH RX Team. You may have also read that BH is discontinuing the RX Team. Well, stop the presses. BH is not discontinuing the RX Team, it is still very much a part of their impressive line up. In fact, for the upcoming 2015 model year the RX Team is not only in the line up, it will be lighter and stiffer than the original, thanks to new materials and a new lay up schedule.

What makes the RX Team so special is the flexibility of the platform. The bike can transform itself from disc brakes to cantilever brakes almost seamlessly. The cantilever brake posts are removable, leaving only small, unobtrusive caps in their place and the rear drop outs convert from 130mm to 135mm spacing for compatibility with both disc and non-disc wheels. The flexibility doesn’t end there, it can accept both electronic and mechanical drive trains as if each were native.

The bike posses a very responsive rear end under power, no surprise since it starts with a BB386EVO bottom bracket and utilizes the same concepts behind the BH Ultralight, one of the most responsive road bikes on the planet. BH instilled the bike with geometry that threads the needle between twitchy and stable, providing a feel at the bars that can confidently get you through the tightest, most technical cross circuits, yet feels stable over a long day in the gravel. Built with what may be the best groupset on the planet when it comes to performance and value, SRAM Force, the BH RX Team is a compelling package for the cross racer and gravel rider alike.

We will be getting a 2015 BH RX Team in for test before the 2014/15 Cross season gets under way, so save your dollars. We’ll see just how much the new material and lay up has turbo charged an already formidable package.

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