Quick Hit: 100% S2

There are more than a few great cycling sunglasses from 100%, but the award for sleekest-looking shades might just have to go to the S2. Laser-etched edging on the lens defines the S2’s signature look, making it appear as full-frame sunglasses while in fact it has a rimless cylindrical shield with the enhanced field of view that comes with it. The lens, made of high-impact-resistant, lightweight polycarbonate, provides the usual 100% optical quality. And a HYDROILO lens treatment keeps water, dirt and oil out of your field of view, while lower air vents in the lens increase ventilation and reduce fogging. An included clear lens makes these shades perfect for early-morning and late-evening riding, as well as overcast and stormy conditions when light is limited. Or choose one of the other interchangeable lenses to match changing conditions. 

$155–$195; 12 styles; 100percent.com