Peter’s New Shades: 100% Glendale Peter can’t stop winning and 100% can’t stop releasing stunning new sunglasses

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s pretty obvious that 100% is the sunglass company with the most global buzz these days. It undoubtedly has a lot to do with sponsoring the world’s most buzz-worthy athlete, Peter Sagan, but 100%’s fresh and sexy designs have a lot to do with it. 


The San Diego brand started off 2018 by launching the 100% Speedcraft Air, creating sunglasses with a built in nasal dilator to improve blood chemistry while you ride, and Peter quickly won the People’s Choice Classic and a stage of the Tour Down Under in the glasses at the World Tour’s first stop. We tested them last winter, you can see the results right here

Then it was the new S2 and a win at the biggest monument of them all – Paris-Roubaix. Good year, right? Most would sit back and take a bow. That’s not Peter or 100%’s style. Peter’s back to winning and 100% is back to launching glasses that continue to stand out from the current crop of Oakley clones. The latest to drop are the new Glendale. 

Like the original Speedcraft, the new Glendale features goggle aesthetics, but they are reminiscent of motocross’s glory days of 70’s when guys like Bob ‘Hurricane’ Hannah and Broc Glover were banging bars. 

Of course, they come with all the tech we associate with 100% optics. The lens is super lightweight, impact resistant polycarbonate, and uses 100%’s cylindrical shield lens providing the best coverage in cycling. With extra venting, the Glendale’s extra coverage won’t produce unwanted fogging. The lens is also scratch, water, dirt and oil resistant. The frames are tough Grilamid TR90 for an almost unbreakable construction that can securely hug your head, without nasty pressure points, aided by the Ultra-Grip rubber nose and temple tip pads. And like the 100% Speedtrap, those temple tips are adjustable.

Look for the new 100% Glendale to hit store shelves in early October, with a HiPER lens option as well. they will retail for $175. 

What’s in the box? 

  • Extra low-light lens
  • Vintage style hard case holds glasses and spare lenses
  • Microfiber cleaning bag
  • Extra alternative fit nose pad