What a week it was. We had plenty of big news at the Peloton Service Course. Castelli jumped ship from Slipstream to the big boys – Team Sky, while a long awaited Colnago C60 finally arrived at the PSC and we hopped a Virgin Atlantic flight to London for a the big unveiling of the new Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Clincher, which just might be the next big step in wheel evolution.



Castelli and Team Sky
“Team Sky’s relentless pursuit of results means that they expect the maximum from their technical partners. We’re looking forward to being pushed”, explains Steve Smith, Castelli brand manager. “But the Team Sky internal performance group will be an invaluable resource to help us make sure that every rider has an advantage every time he’s on the bike.”
Read the entire release here: Castelli Unveils New Team Sky Kit

The Radical New Design of the Zipp 454 NSW
Every Zipp wheel launch since the Firecrest shape debuted in 2010 has been about refining the new wide body shape – evolution not revolution. The Zipp 454 NSW carbon clincher is clearly not just an evolution of the Firecrest shape, it is a wholly new concept in wheel design and wears its technology on its sleeve, even if fully understanding what it does takes a PhD.
Take the deep dive into the new tech here: Zipp Wants to Change Everything, Again – The 454 NSW

Colnago’s Beautiful C60
The C60, like the C59 before it and the C50 before that, is a carbon bike made a bit like a steel bike. It is not monocoque molded in large frame sections, it is carbon tubes bonded into carbon lugs. This may be why it’s not the stiffest bike or lightest bike in the world. It’s tough to compete with monocoque construction when those are the metrics, but for Colnago those metrics have always been less important than ride quality.
Take a look at all the details here: Service Course On Test – The Colnago C60

And the rest of the week…
We looked at the Polar V650, Polar’s foray into the GPS market and Bluetooth connectivity and on Wednesday we brought you our mid-week gear guide with SiS, Specialized and ISM.
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