We all like our kits to fit well. We love them to make us fast. We also want them to make us look as fine as a smooth Burgundy. Here are a few kits from the Peloton Service Course that accomplish all three. 


PELOTON DE PARIS JUNGLE JERSEY. It would be easy to look at the Peloton de Paris Jungle jersey and assume it was more about style than substance. It cuts a distinctive and handsome profile in the group, but fit and function may be what the jersey does best. It features an aero fit with longer, laser-cut sleeves and a host of other fabric and design tech, from UV-protective, fourway stretch wicking fabric to smart finishing touches like a fourth zippered, water-resistant pocket and even a heat-transfer label to remove any chance of irritation in the saddle. The kit is made in Belgium at a facility that makes apparel for multiple national and professional teams. While the style of Peloton de Paris catches your eye, it’s the quality and design you’ll notice after hours in the saddle. PAIRING: Classic Stripe Black bibs not only complement the Jungle jersey nicely, with just a simple design at the right leg band, they’ll also bring Peloton de Paris style and quality to any jersey you own. $100 (jersey), $133 (bibs); pelotondeparis.cc

PAS NORMAL STUDIOS SOLITUDE JERSEY. Pas Normal means “not normal” in French. It came to prominence in cycling as a way to describe performances on the bike that seemed, and frequently were, too good to be true. It also happens to be a good name for the new clothing company, Pas Normal Studios. In a saturated apparel market its kits have a unique look, despite understated, clean graphics. The Solitude jersey is part of its “high summer” kit, a minimalist jersey with mesh panels and a fabric blend that won’t absorb water, just moves it to the garment’s surface for quick evaporation. Polyester pockets won’t stretch when loaded down and a fourth pocket is lined and zippered for security. PAIRING: The Solitude bibs feature the same hot-weather performance of the jersey, but in a color and designs created to work with the whole range of Pas Normal kits. $195 (jersey), $220 (bibs); pasnormalstudios.com

PEARL IZUMI ELITE PURSUIT JERSEY. For Pearl Izumi the ELITE name has always meant quality apparel at an attractive price, add Pursuit to the name and it means that value comes in a package designed for the racer or performance rider. With the latest ELITE Pursuit jersey, Pearl Izumi has trickled down some of its best technology pioneered in the pro ranks. First and foremost is the patented Speed Sleeve to smooth airflow around the arms and shoulders. The fabric is lightweight and infused with Ice-fil, a material that actually cools your skin as it absorbs sweat. The ELITE Pursuit has always been one of Pearl Izumi’s most popular jerseys and with this latest iteration it should earn even more fans. PAIRING: Nothing’s better than a set of classic all-black bibs, and the ELITE Pursuit bib short is one of the best. It pairs well with the ELITE Pursuit jersey and any other jersey in your collection. $150 (jersey); $140 (bibs); pearlizumi.com