Pegoretti Craftsmanship, Now in Stainless: The Round

Pegoretti frames have long been renowned for their craftsmanship, especially their beautiful paint jobs. The company’s latest frame, the Round, takes over the flagship spot in the range, building on the speed and stiffness of the Mxxxxxo frame by using stainless steel and adding a few tweaks to the design.


Built to be stiff and responsive, the Round is the Italian brand’s most performance and racing oriented frame. Pegoretti bills the new design as “an incredibly reactive frame built for the rider seeking a no-compromise steel speed machine.” To create a lively feel, stainless Columbus XCR tubing is mated to 3D printed stainless dropouts, a first for Pegoretti. In the back, the rear triangle has been redesigned and combined with a new brake bridge to increase lateral stiffness.

3D printed stainless steel dropouts.

And don’t worry, the paint jobs are still as great as ever. Orders placed within the first year will feature a graphic print called “Texas Flood,” shown here, inspired by the company’s late founder Dario Pegoretti’s love for Austin, Texas, and a belt buckle he brought back from a visit to the Lone Star State. The Round name also comes from Pegoretti; it was the sign-off handle he used with friends and customers alike.

The Round will start shipping in spring 2020, and will include the same Pegoretti-designed Falz carbon fiber fork featured in other Pegoretti frames and a Chris King D11 headset.

Detail of the special “Texas Flood” design available during the frame’s first production year.

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