Whether you prefer leg warmers or bib tights, its hard to deny the warm cozy feeling from a perfectly fitting pair of bib tights.  Here at the Peloton Service Course winter testing grounds in the heart of the Midwest we can appreciate that warm cozy feeling on a dreary winter day.  Not any old bib tight fits the bill, it has to be a quality piece.  Pearl Izumi has been a mainstay in the industry when it comes to rounding out a wardrobe with quality pieces, the PRO Pursuit Bib Tight is no exception.


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When looking at the Pearl Izumi clothing etymology, PRO signifies Pearl’s highest quality and Pursuit is the name reserved for more race inspired clothing.  With the PRO Pursuit name we know it is going to be a form fitting piece, and fit on bib tights has always been a tough nut to crack.  After all, a lot of riders bib short size differs from their leg warmers.  Pearl dipped into its vast clothing knowledge base and came up with a paneling pattern to accommodate beyond just the mannequin proportioned rider.  While the benefits of the paneling are noticeable, it’s definitely not a piece for the rider that prefers club fit.

The level of paneling also gives this piece the versatility of going from a clear day in the 40’s to still being comfortable when the weather gets wet and the temperature drops down below 30.  Breathable thermal panels in the back and behind the legs help regulate body temperature, and a mixture of light weight and three layer softshell panels offer water and wind protection, with a particular focus on the knees and other more delicate parts in the front.


Being capable of going on a nice long winter ride because you are dressed for the weather is all for naught if the chamois is no good.  Pearl Izumi is no dummy when it comes to this, a bib tight of this quality deserves Pearl’s best chamois, the PRO Pursuit 1:1 Chamois.  This chamois was designed with the most avid of cyclists in mind.  1:1 means it should feel like a second skin, no bunching, no irritation, designed to stretch to fit throughout the pedal stroke.  If so desired, Pearl offers a PRO Pursuit Bib Tight without a chamois as well.

The Fit: Allow a couple extra minutes in your pre ride routine.  The PRO Pursuit Bib Tight takes some patience to get on, it is most certainly a race fit.  No zipper on the leg means a little more jockeying to get everything in the right place.  It also allows the bottom of the leg to sit inside a shoe with no irritation.  Once everything is in the right place the warm cozy feeling with absolutely zero bunching up immediately makes that cold wet, day feel more accessible. $175 w/ chamois, $150 w/o ; www.pearlizumi.com