Panaracer Race EVO3 represents the third iteration of these proven tires and adds a tubeless option for the first time.

With the hyper-segmentation of cycling products, it can be tough to tell exactly what a product is supposed to do. Is it for training, racing or both? Dirt roads or smooth pavement? Lousy weather or sunny skies? We’ve said this before, but most tires seem to be named after the latest Marvel superhero in tights. Cool name, but what does it do?


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This is why we fell in love with the first-generation Panaracer Race EVO tires before we even mounted them to rims. They do what it says on the tin. The Race A tire is an all-arounder: light enough to race, but sturdy enough to handle big miles. The Race D is durable: perfect for long training miles and bad weather, without getting weighed down. The Race L is light: a race-day-specific featherweight with impeccable handling. For 2016, Panaracer has delivered the third generation of the Race EVO family—and delivered big gains.


The tires retain proven Panaracer features like the ZSG Dual compound—which we found much improved for more longevity in this generation—and a very progressive profile called the All Contact Tread Shape, which we have found to create an aggressive and confident footprint with wider rims in the 25mm and 28mm widths.

The previous EVO tires were average in one regard: puncture protection. Now they are exceptional. Puncture protection layers need to be elastic to work well, but elastic yarns don’t play well with rubber. By combining elastic and spun yarn then dipping it in a proprietary resin developed by Panaracer, which the spun yarn soaks up, the puncture protection seamlessly integrates with the tread. The result is a 25-percent improvement in puncture protection—a tire that is even more supple than the previous EVO and lasts longer as well.

For 2016, this three-tire family has grown to include the Race A EVO 3 Tubeless: the first road tubeless tire from Panaracer. It’s a tubeless tire that takes everything we love about the new Race EVO3 family and does what tubeless does—bulletproof flat resistance, lower rolling resistance and incredible comfort with lower tire pressure.

Race A EVO 3: 210g (23mm) 23/25/28 Price: $70 (ea)
Race A EVO 3 TL: 280g (23mm) 23/25 Price: $90 (ea)
Race L EVO 3: 180g (23mm) 23/25/28 Price: $70(ea)
Race D EVO 3: 230g (23mm) 23/25/28 Price: $70 (ea)