Nov 5, 2013 – While the name implies off-road adventure, and thanks to bead-to-bead anti-flat casing and a long lasting compound the tire is superb in the dirt, the Gravel King in a 26 mm width run at 90 psi will smooth out even the harshest riding frame.

Ben Edwards

The ZSG compound is based on the dual compound Panaracer created for its lightest and fastest race clinchers and tubulars, so it is a surprisingly supple, easy rolling tire. At 240 grams it won’t hold you back with extra weight either. Want to ramp up the comfort? They offer a 28 mm version to. There is a 23mm version, but the Gravel King needs some volume to shine. The bead-to-bead protection also creates a very cut resistant side wall, while Panaracer has somehow managed to maintain the tire’s flexibility.

If you have the clearance and want to really go crazy in the dirt while maintaing more pavement performance than other gravel or dirt specific tires check out the 32mm Gravel King. A new, aggressive tread threads the line between a road tire a cross tire, making it perfect for days when the route may include some unexpected adventure. Bead-to-bead flat protection, Panaracer’s natural ZSG compound and supple 126TPI fabric combine for 320grams of bike riding fun. This new tire should be hitting your local store’s shelves any day now.



23, 26, 28mm Weight – 240grams (26 mm) Price: $40
32mm Weight: 320grams Price: $50