The latest generation of Pinarello’s grand tour-conquering Dogma is here, and this time Pinarello is ditching the numerical naming system used for the bike’s previous generations. Called the Dogma F, it doesn’t appear to be much of a departure from the previous do-everything Dogma models, but under the hood there are many important changes that take this already phenomenal model to another level.

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The Dogma in its various iterations has been at the forefront of bike design for quite a while, so it’s not much of a shock that the latest model looks more than a little like the previous one. This includes the trademark asymmetrical design that’s meant to account for the differing forces applied to the drive side. But there are some important updates, some visible and others not so.

The most visible changes, though still subtle, are to the truncated aero-tube shapes. Most notably, the down tube has been tweaked, allowing air coming off of the fork to channel around both bottle cages. The rear triangle has also been redesigned using computational fluid dynamics. At the front, the redesigned ONDA fork has taken a page out of the Pinarello Bolide TT bike’s playbook, with fork blades that act like sails that actually produce forward movement in crosswinds. In total, the new Dogma F disc is 4.8 percent more aerodynamic than the F12 disc, and the rim-brake version is 3.2 percent more aerodynamic than the previous version. That translates into 1.3 watts saved at 40 kph and 2.6 watts at 50 kph.

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On the less-visible design-change front, the Dogma F is now made with a carbon fiber called TORAYCA T1100 1K with Nanoalloy Technology, which is used in top automotive and aerospace applications. This material helps account for a monstrous improvement in stiffness of 12 percent at the bottom bracket, as well as some weight savings.

Using the “marginal gains” ethos of the INEOS Grenadiers team that has won so much on this bike, Pinarello has shaved grams across the frameset and components. Analyzing every single part, from the headset to the fork and even the through-axles, saved a total of 265 grams—11 percent less weight than the Dogma F12. All in, Pinarello claims a fullbuild weight of 6.9 kilograms for a SRAM Red eTap AXSequipped disc model, and 6.8 kilograms for a Dura-Ace Di2 disc build, taking it right to the UCI weight limit. Our size 53 SRAM Red-equipped test bike came in at 7.06 kilograms (15.56 pounds), with an uncut steerer and stem spacers.

pinarello dogma f disc

All these improvements aren’t without cost, though. The frame, fork and seat post can be yours for $6,950. The newly updated MOST TALON ULTRA integrated handlebar costs another $950. Our full build with SRAM Red eTap AXS (notably without a power meter) and DT Swiss ARC 1400 wheels costs $14,500, putting it at a price point above the most high-end race bikes.


It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the Dogma F continues the impeccable track record of the Dogma models that have come before. Any type of riding you can throw at it, it handles phenomenally.

The 72.5-degree head-tube angle and 73.7-degree seat-tube angle, coupled with 406mm chainstays make for a true race-tuned geometry that reacts instantaneously to anything. There’s an almost telepathic connection with the bike that becomes especially apparent on technical descents, where you can ride the bike past the limits of other race bikes.

pinarello dogma f disc
pinarello dogma f disc

The stiffer bottom bracket is noticeable when climbing out of the saddle and in those moments when quick accelerations are needed. But despite the stiffer ride, it never feels harsh—and that’s without the added comfort of high-volume tubeless tires.

On flats you can really get going in a fast rhythm. And having a bike that feels fast is always a confidence boost. It’s a bike that you wouldn’t mind having in a breakaway, climb or crit. It does it all. Pinarello has written another excellent chapter in the book of Dogma. It’s simply a joy to ride, no matter what the day’s route calls for.


$14,500 (as built). 15.56 lbs./7.06kg (size 53 without pedals or cages). SRAM Red eTap AXS (46/33 chainrings, 10–33 cassette); DT Swiss ARC 1400 wheelset; Pirelli P-Zero Race 700×26c tires; MOST TALON ULTRA integrated cockpit; Pinarello seat post; MOST LYNX NS CARBON saddle.