“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a piece of home-spun logic first popularized by one of President Jimmy Carter’s Cabinet members. It is a timeless expression that has been championed by those struggling to keep up with the never-ending onslaught of technological advances, to those with a case of “apolitical blues.” And it has been used on countless occasions to defend the status quo. But it is rarely used in the bicycle industry, which prides itself on the constant search for perfection.

James Startt / Images: Startt and Pinarello


Take Pinarello bikes for example. By all accounts, its Dogma F8, embodied state of the art perfection with its uncanny ability to integrate aerodynamics and weight with comfort, stability and responsiveness. For this it won numerous awards, not to mention its fair share of bike races. Some said it could not be surpassed. But not Fausto Pinarello and his team.

Perhaps giving a nod to the string of superlatives that is the F8, the best-selling bike in Pinarello’s history, there was never an F9. Instead the legendary bike builder unleashed the F10 on January 10 for the 2017 season. Incorporating all of the best elements of the F8, the F10 nevertheless gains ground in areas like aerodynamics, stiffness and weight.

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Fausto and friends at the Dogma F10 Launch.
Fausto and friends at the Dogma F10 Launch. Image: Pinarello

Ready for the numbers? Through extensive research, Pinarello reshaped the down tube, decreasing drag by 12.6% according to their Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. By reshaping the dropout of the front fork they were able to reduce resistance on the fork by 10%.

Aerodynamic advantages are enhanced by greater stability as a result of their focus on asymmetrical tubing designs as well as their unique blend of carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced polymer, which when optimized offer increased stiffness and responsiveness at light weights. Overall, the combination makes the Dogma F10 6.3% lighter and 7% stiffer, an amazing evolutionary step considering the inherent mastery of the Dogma F8.

Pinarello will offer the Dogma F10 in 13 sizes and multiple colorways (seen above). An F10 frameset costs $5950 and should be available now. Look For First Ride Impressions in the upcoming Travel Issue of Peloton, on Newsstands late January.

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