MET updates the Rivale Helmet with MIPS and Extra Ventilation

The MET Rivale helmet has gotten an overhaul and now features several updates, including ventilation and a new fit system, that make it an even more enticing option than before. MET believes the updates make the new Rivale, priced at $180, its best deal in terms of price to performance.

Of all the new updates to the Rivale, maybe the most important is the addition of a MIPS liner. After all, a helmet’s job is to protect your most important asset, and a MIPS liner reduces the harmful effects of rotational forces in a crash. And for preventative safety measures, ones that help you avoid accidents in the first place, there are reflective decals on the rear for added visibility.

For better comfort, MET has redesigned the shape of the helmet for a compact fit. Inside the helmet, a new Safe-T Upsilon retention system features a 360-degree head belt that reduces pressure points on the head, while a gel-padded head support increases comfort. And the head cradle in the back adjusts up and down for more comfort.

The Rivale’s 18 vents have also been reworked to improve ventilation, resulting in a cooler ride. The front vents are now longer and wider, taking in more air in conjunction with the large NACA intake vent on top which pulls in cool air and vents out warm air. New vent shapes also better hold sunglasses in the helmet when they’re not needed. Additionally, the profile of the helmet is smaller for increased aerodynamic benefit.

Look for the new helmet to be debuted by UAE Team Emirates at the Tour de France this week. You can get your hands on one in mid-October.

$180; 3 sizes; 7 colors;