MAAP x 100% Glendale First Look Limited Edition Sunglass Collaboration

Let’s clear one thing right up: the 100% Glendale was already a cool pair of sunglasses. Certainly not a look for everyone, but undeniably cool nonetheless. Now, this full-coverage model just got a bit better this week with a new release, a limited edition collaboration with cycling apparel brand MAAP.


MAAP x 100% Colorway Details

The MAAP x 100% Glendale sunglasses with HiPER lens comes in two equally good looking colorways, light coral and blue. Each frame is made of translucent material, giving the shades more depth and interest than other Glendale colorways we have tried. The light coral comes with a HiPER Light Coral lens, a filter category 1 lens that transmits 52 percent of light, and a second SMOKE lens, a filter category 3 lens that transmits 52 percent of light. The blue colorway comes with a HiPER BLUE MIRROR lens, a filter category 3 lens that transmits 15 percent of light, and a second CLEAR lens, which transmits most available light.

The two brands previously collaborated about a year ago, launching a special edition of the 100% S3 shades. “There’s a great alignment and shared vision between both brands, which has resonated with cyclists globally,” said MAAP co-founder Oliver Cousins. Based on how this most recent collaboration turned out, we wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in the future. 

Glendale Details

Originally released a few years ago, the Glendale offers 100%’s largest cycling lens, providing maximum coverage and protection from road debris and UV rays. An oil, dirt, and water repellent treatment keeps minor annoyances away from your field of view, while the high-impact-resistant 5-base cylindrical shield polycarbonate lens protects against things that could be more serious, like rogue rocks, and prevents scratches. The shatterproof Grilamid TR90 frame contributes to the strength and durability of the Glendale as well. And, of course, 100% UV protection protects your eyes and skin from the sun’s damaging effects.

There are other features we have come to expect from 100% performance eyewear as well, including ultra-grip rubber nose pads and temple tips which stay put no matter how much you sweat, and adjustable temple tips. Vents at the bottom of the full frame lens remove any fogging as well.

First Ride Impressions

From our first ride impressions, beyond looking fantastic, besting the looks of other Glendale colorways we have seen, these glasses provide excellent protection against fogging, and the HiPER BLUE MIRROR lens, which transmits just 15 percent of light, is perfect for bright days, bringing high clarity even under the midday glare of the Southern California sun.

Both colorways retail for $220 and come with a second lens, a microfiber bag and a substantial hard shell protective case to hold it all.  They are available exclusively at If you want a pair make sure to get a move on—these won’t be around for long!