New Limited Edition GravelKing Tire Colors From Panaracer Choose from “Pansy Blue” or “Flamingo Pink” gravel tires in a variety of tread styles

There are many traditions we could do without, but here’s an emerging one we’ve come to hotly anticipate each year: limited edition Panaracer GravelKing tire colors. For the fourth year in a row, the Japanese tire company has released single-run colors of its popular gravel tire family. This year, we’re treated to “Pansy Blue” and “Flamingo Pink.”

The tires may have different color tread, along with brown sidewalls, but they’re very much the same GravelKing tires that are a perennial favorite here at Peloton. They feature ZSG tire compound technology, anti-flat casing and 120tpi construction, and like all Panaracer tires 32c or larger, they’re tubeless compatible.

The new 2021 Panaracer GravelKing single-run color tires in the wild.

This year, the limited edition colors will be offered in all three GravelKing thread patterns: SS, for dryer gravel race conditions; the knobbier SK for rougher terrain; and Slicks, for all-out speed. But each version is limited to 700x32c or 700x38c. 

In years past, limited edition colors have included mustard yellow, purple, sandstone and ivory, military and olive greens, blue and orange. This year, Panaracer decided to make the leap to pink “because it has been the number one requested color by Panaracer fans for a while now,” said Panaracer’s Jeff Zell. For the other color, Panaracer settled on Pansy, like the flower, because “it’s a really beautiful and rich color that’s also rather unique,” said Zell.

If the new colors sell anything like the previous limited runs, you’ll want to put in an order soon. “All of our limited edition colors have done really well and sold out quickly,” said Zell. “They are a single-run production, which means we will only make them once and when they sell out, they really are gone.”

They’re expected to start shipping in early to mid June and will cost $50 per tire. 

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