Flats and mechanicals tend to come in waves of three or more. And they always seem to happen at the worst time possible—like when you have just an hour to get back home to take your kids to the dentist. After a string of mechanicals one weekend, we called Dillon Clap at Lezyne and asked him to suggest three must-carry products to keep mechanicals and flats at bay. If we’ve learned one thing in all these years of riding (but we occasionally forget), it’s to be over-prepared on every ride. Here are the three items Clapp suggested.


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Lezyne Road Drive: In theory, CO2 kits are great (see below), but they can be temperamental and eventually run out of gas (literally). The Road Drive is a versatile and powerful pump with a water-bottle mount and flex hose. It maxes out at 160 psi. $45

Lezyne SV-11: We have a love/hate relationship with multi-tools but the SV-11 stands out as a light and versatile option. Weighing in at just over 100 grams, the SV-11 features a 9-/10-/11-speed chain breaker, a 2mm-8mm Hex set and a star-shaped T25 and T30. This machined multi-tool is a solid choice for on the road mishaps. $47

Lezyne Twin Kit CO2: This kit features composite levers, a tube/tire repair kit, two 16- or 25-gram cartridges and a Twin-Speed Drive (Presta/Schrader) adaptor. It fits on your seat post, but it’s better stored in a saddlebag or jersey pocket. $30; lezyne.com

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