March 18, 2015 – GPS from Lezyne? Don’t they make pumps and tools? Yes and Yes. Lezyne, known for making the mundane cool and functional has taken aim at the GPS enabled cycling computer and looks like it may have hit the bullseye.


Lezyne has launched three new computers, the compact MiniGPS, the PowerGPS and the Super GPS, all with an iPhone 5 aesthetic. The Mini LEzyneMiniGPS_1GPS is the smallest and lightest GPS enabled handlebar device made at only 30grams. While it doesn’t display power or have navigation, its .fit files can be loaded right to Strava, Training Peaks and Lezyne’s new GPS Root website for logging and analyzing rides. It uses three buttons instead of the touch screen more popular in the current market.

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The Power GPS is where Lezyne’s computer gambit gets exciting. It displays all the training data serious riders need, from the usual stats like speed and heart rate to all-important power. But the real trick is its Bluetooth Smart connectivity to talk to your phone, iOS or Android, to display texts, emails and phone calls while you ride. No more wrestling with your phone in your pocket or accepting a call in the saddle without knowing whom it is. Again, no navigation here and no touch screen, but the button layout seems simple and it talks to not only US GPS satellites but Russian Glonass satellites to. We assume that’s not going to get you in trouble with Homeland Security. The power, cadence and heartrate function is Bluetooth Smart only, so make sure you have the latest sensors on your bike. It stores 200hours of ride data and can run for 22hours on a single charge.

To get ANT+ power (plus Bluetooth) you’ll need to step up to Lezyne’s Super GPS. It offers 22 hours of run time, and storage for up to 400hours of ride data. Again, no navigation our touch screen, so these really aren’t for the touring cyclist, but the connectivity to your phone more than makes up for this for the rest of us. If you are lost, just stop and check your phone. Lezyne is also delivering standard rubber band stem mounts as well as offering the out-front mount for a more pro look. Rides from all three can be uploaded right from a Lezyne app on your phone called GPS Ally to Lezyne’s new GPS Root websiteStrava or Trainingpeaks.

MiniGPS: $140 Available in Two Weeks
PowerGPS: $170 Available in Two Months
SuperGPS: $200 Available in Two Months

Look for more info on the app and the training site soon as well as a full review on the line soon.

To see what Lezyne has to say check out its website.