Lazer Launches Price Point Sphere & Sphere MIPS Helmets

In a perfect world, we’d all be riding around with top of the line helmets. But not all of us can stomach paying well north of $200 for the privilege. If you’re a fan of Lazer helmets, luckily you can now get a helmet with tech and styling inspired by the top-tier G1 model, at a more approachable price point. This is the new Sphere, which is also available with the added protection of MIPS.


Though inspired by the pricier G1, the Sphere brings its own tech to the table. Its ventilation system is angled to 15 degrees, the position that Lazer says most cyclists tilt their head to when riding, resulting in more efficient cooling through the helmet’s 18 vents. Two of those vents also function as a docking port for sunglasses, an essential feature in our opinion.

The Sphere’s fit will be familiar to anyone who has tried a Lazer helmet thanks to its use of the brand’s Advanced Rollsys retention system. It’s one of the more comfortable helmet retention systems we have tried thanks to its 360-degree adjustment which tightens evenly around the head, and tightens progressively rather than with pre-indexed stops that can be slightly tighter or looser than what a rider wants. The retention system also features vertical adjustment for an even more precise fit.

Helmets are primarily about saving your noggin in the event of the worst happening. Luckily the Sphere MIPS packs in plenty of safety, earning a five star rating from Virginia Tech’s helmet testing facility, which independently rates helmets from across the industry and has emerged as the seal of approval of you want on your helmet. (Much of the Lazer range tests similarly well, with the Sphere MIPS becoming the 11th helmet from Lazer to earn that rating).

The helmet, which weighs a claimed 260 grams (280 grams for the MIPS version), will be available in four sizes—small, medium, large, and extra-large—as well as five colors—turquoise blue, matte black, glossy red, white/black and striped pink/purple. Like other Lazer helmets, the Sphere is compatible with an Aeroshell, which provides extra aerodynamic performance, as well as protection from rain and wind on days when you don’t need the cooling power of the helmet’s 18 vents working at full force. The Sphere retails for $140, while the MIPS version costs an extra $20. The helmets should be available in the coming weeks from retailers, and by mid-February directly from Lazer at