In honor of our event on Sunday, The Gravel Mob, held with our friends at the Mob Shop, we thought we would bring you a look at a bike that would eat up the long climbs, ripping fire road and flowing single track the 58-mile day in the Ojai, California, backcountry covered. For a look at the route itself, click here, for a look at the Kona Ti Rove … read on!

Ben Edwards

Carbon may have won the stiffness-to-weight ratio war, and it may win in the wind tunnel, but Ti can more than hold its own when the name of the game is comfortable ride quality. Kona, with the help of Lynskey, turned its Rove platform into a titanium masterpiece. It calls the Rove a Freerange bike, and it’s the perfect name. It has incredible dirt road credentials, thanks to disc brake mounts, longer chain stays and the magic of titanium, yet with some slicks it can knock out long miles at a torrid pace. The 44mm head tube provides exceptional stiffness, especially when combined with Kona’s Super Jake carbon cross fork, which ensures the bike goes where it’s pointed, whether down a twisting road or a loose and chunky fire road descent.


With a SRAM Force 22 WiFLi group, any gear you could ever need is quickly accessible. One of our favorite new products, the TRP Hy/Rd hydraulic disc calipers also make for a great rider experience. With the hydraulics located at the caliper, cable can be run from existing mechanical levers to the caliper, for 90% of hydraulics performance with cables simplicity. Luckily the Rove Ti provides excellent cable routing for smooth action. Stan’s ZTR Iron Cross wheels provide the right combination of durability, ride quality and tubeless capability to really help the entire package shine in the dirt.

The Kona Rove Ti is the kind of bike you fall in love with for its beauty and ride quality then forge a life-long bond with after epic adventures. Next year’s Gravel Mob would be the perfect adventure to start with.

Price: $2000 (frame only) More: