Dec 6, 2015 – We love Marcel Kittel. Sure, there’s the big sprint, but what about that hair? And no one body slams a Giant Propel like an angry Kittel. When we saw his electric- blue Shimano shoes at last year’s Tour we had to get a pair, and for 2015 Shimano has released a new set.

The R321B has all the tech of the new R321—a new upper for a closer f it, more custom-fit material and options, the stiffest sole Shimano has ever made, adjustable closure anchors—but with the addition of electric blue over the majority of the upper.

The Shimano has no Boa, and the last is much higher volume than a SIDI, with much of it in the toe box; so if you have a narrow foot or prefer cable closures it’s likely not for you.

If you must have a pair, hurry—they will be making it to the U.S. in extremely limited quantities.

$380; 489 grams (pair);