As the quality level of indoor cycling apps increases and the options for trainers that will work with those apps grows it becomes more evident that ‘smart’ trainers are here to stay.  The question from many cyclists has shifted from “Should I get a smart trainer?” to the more inevitable, “Which smart trainer should I get?”  Kurt Kinetic’s Smart Control Trainers provide more intriguing offerings to help answer that question.


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The term ‘smart trainer’ isn’t quite an industry standard, we saw Kinetic release what it called a “smart” trainer last year, getting its name because it broadcast information to third party devices.  The features fell short of what is typically coined a smart trainer, the major difference being third party programs could not control the resistance unit.  The new Kinetic Smart Control Trainers remedy this, giving full functionality to apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad. Using Bluetooth Smart the unit connects to Andriod and iOS devices as well as having a port to use a USB cable for a direct connection.


Cyclists who are already fans of Kinetic’s past trainers will be particularly interested. The brand used two of its existing trainers to build the Smart Control Unit on, retaining the massive flywheel and high quality frames. The unique and ever popular Rock and Roll is available as a Smart Control Trainer.  Its side to side motion simulating the feel of outside riding gives the smart trainer market something new.  At a lower price point Kinetic’s more traditional Road Machine trainer is also being made available with a Smart Control unit. Don’t feel left out if you already have a Rock and Roll or Road Machine with the standard resistance unit, Kinetic is also selling the Smart Control Unit on its own which can be installed onto the older trainers.

Rock and Roll | Smart Control; $849
Road Machine | Smart Control; $649
Smart Control Power Unit; $549