Tech editors can find themselves awash in products. The big things, bikes, wheels, high-end clothing and components, find their way into the magazines and onto the web sites. But smaller items, sent on a wing and a prayer by an optimistic manufacturer, hope for a gear guide or quick shout out in a longer travel feature or review. Occasionally these smaller products stick around, get used a few times after the review process, become a real asset and finally work their way into the daily routine becoming a much loved and indispensable product. In short, they become a few of our favorite things.

Leg Lube Performance Shave Gel
I was a soap shaver. Didnt really see the big deal about shaving with foam or creams. Then I tried Leg Lube. It makes even the bluntest razor shave like a Ginsu with only a tiny bead. It gives your legs a slight tingle and smells fresh and clean. Ive only ever used it in the shower, but apparently you can use it out of the shower as well. Still trying to figure out why that would ever be necessary. It comes in a TSA friendly 3oz bottle that lasts for a surprisingly long time. I now use it to shave my face as well. Indispensable.

Bottle Bright
Ive been known to drink out of some funky water bottles. I always figured that black film at the bottom was just more calories. Not anymore. Bottle Bright is so effective and easy to use all of my bottles sparkle. Its a small tablet you drop in your bottle, hydration pack, or any water vessel for that matter, and in 10 minutes its clean as a whistle. Just rinse and go. Thats the magic of activated oxygen and organic surfactants. Indispensable. For every tablet you buy they give one to people in developing countries. It helps them ensure any clean water they have access to stays clean during transport and storage. If only it worked on dinner dishes.
$11.95 for ten tablets.

Knog Milkman
This stylish little lock fits neatly in a jersey pocket weighs only 110grams and is the perfect companion for those rides that spend more time at the coffee shop than on the road. And yes, Ive been known to put a few of those in my training plan. The lock has slim a 90cm retractable cable big enough to lock two bikes. While not as secure as a beefy chain or U-lock the Milkman is better than using your helmet strap or crossing your fingers and more than enough to stop the casual thief of opportunity. It comes with three keys and you can choose from four colors black, silver, magenta and teal. I keep one in the car to lock my bikes to the roof rack as well. Indispensable.