September 30, 2015 – The ‘Pro’ in First Endurance’s new drink mix, EFS Pro, is more than a catchy buzz word, it signifies the fact that the product was developed and tested hand-in-hand with its pro athletes – from ingredients to flavors. First Endurance found that those athletes, like Trek Factory Racing riders and the world TTT champs, Velocio Sport, could benefit from a lot more electrolytes than previously thought.


While EFS Pro is meant to be mixed at different strengths based on body type and predicted effort it can supply up to 1866mg of electrolytes in its highest concentration – more than quadruple the typical hydration mix. Traditional EFS has 300mg of sodium, EFS Pro has 500mg, plus other minerals like DiMagnesium and DiCalcium, which First Endurance has found also reduce stomach acid, to help fight dreaded gut-rot.

The ability to alter the mix based on needs of the day is one of our favorites features of EFS Pro. On a short day when hydration is important, but we don’t want a bunch of calories, two scoops provide just 80 calories with 933mg of electrolytes. If we’re riding longer and want to limit the amount of food or shots we need to carry, four scoops provide 1866mg or electrolytes and 160 calories. Using a proprietary blend of carbohydrates, First Endurance claims they can provide all those calories without hurting your ability to hydrate. If your stomach empties the calories faster than your intestines can assimilate them, numerous problems can arise, yet after many rides running EFS Pro at full strength, we have had no stomach issues.

All of this science is wasted if you can’t stomach yet another bottle of your mix after four hours in the saddle and this is an issue that is amplified in hot weather. With summer temperatures seeming to stretch well into fall this year many regions are still battling with 90+ degree days. It was here that the ‘Pro’ in EFS Pro really paid off. After a massive test program with sponsored riders two flavors, Lemon Water and Cucumber Water (yes, cucumber) were created. Neither are sweet at all, instead they are designed to mimic flavored water and off the bike they seem very bland indeed. On the bike they are perfection, going down easy hour after hour, even when the mix is over 90degrees. EFS Pro fights palate fatigue better than anything else we have tried.

But what if you aren’t a pro? Do you really need all those electrolytes? The answer is yes. Anyone that struggles to get the hydration they need when it is hot due to sickly-sweet flavors, anyone that battles with cramps, anyone that wants to customize calories without harming hydration or suffering gastric distress, can benefit from EFS Pro. If you happen to line up for a blazing hot Tour de France stage as well, then it’s a win-win.

First Endurance EFS Pro: $49.95 (25 servings) $2.10 (single serve pouch)