KEIRIN RACER’S BEST FRIEND: Hirame Pump Heads Handmade in Japan, these are prized for delivering insanely high tire pressure—up to 300psi!

• Hirame Pump Heads deliver pressure traditional pumps can’t touch.

• Japanese Keirin riders frequently ride pressure north of 200psi!

• Check out Silca’s modern take on the Hirame.

Hirame Pump Heads
If the name Kuwahara is familiar to you, it’s likely because you were a kid in the ’80s. It was a Kuwahara BMX bike that Elliott rode, with E.T. in the basket. These days, Kuwahara’s not the king of the BMX hill, but the Japanese brand does make Hirame Pump Heads. Handmade in Japan by a single man, they are prized by Japan’s keirin riders for delivering insanely high tire pressure—up to 300psi! Take the pump head from your existing pump and toss it in the trash; it does not compare to the Hirame. It’s a compact unit with a large lever to lock the head over your valve. The clamping pressure can be adjusted by turning the nozzle, and its slim shape means you can toss out your “hash pipe” when it comes time to pump up your disc. While the Hirame Pump Heads will fit securely into most pump hoses, a small hose clamp is advised if you want to hit really high pressures. Make sure to buy these directly from Kuwahara to avoid cheap imposters. $65: Kuwahara’s Amazon shop

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Silca Hiro Pump Head
Want the modern day incarnation of the Hirame? Check out the Silca Hiro. Like the Hirame it’s a side locking pump head and capable of super high pressure. Made of carbon steel it’s got the durability we expect from Silca, and it will be easier to find replacement parts. Check it out here. $65