Dec 31, 2015 – Deep in the mountains of Colombia where passion and cycling go hand and hand, the Hincapie factory has taken its stich and needle to a whole new level, developing world class apparel that exceeds the needs of both the average Joe and the World Tour pro.


Hincapie sportswear has been hard at work constructing their latest spring training kit, an all-new extensive line that is specifically designed to keep you warm during the cooler days and bring out your true grit.

Welcome the Aries Wool Jersey, a classic jersey that fits like a glove and breaks the elements before the elements break you. Merino wool is woven into the exterior with polyester and spandex on the interior giving you a snug fit and a jersey you won’t mind beating the crap out of. The jersey will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which means you may not need anything but the jersey on those iffy weather rides.

The finishing touches include hemmed sleeves, rubber grip to hold everything in place, and transparent logos for added visibility. A blend of fine fibers keep the jersey itch-free and breathable with added durability too. Though the jersey has no specific water treatment, the wool works across a wide range of temps–not just cool weather.


2015 hincapie jersey 3 view


After the first ride we could only come up with two words to describe the jersey: Tough Love. Wearing the jersey made us feel as if we had plenty of layers, yet without the fuss of having to pull on-and-off all our gear. To boot, the inner had a firm and flexible hold that made sure the wind went around us rather than through. If you’re riding Boulder or California’s dry summer climate it would work up to 80, yet in high humidity that might be less than ideal. So it’s really a matter of heat + dryness or humidity to determine the Airies full range.

Beyond the fit and feel, the simple design and bold lettering goes just far enough to make a statement, yet preserve the classic feel. Red, black and white keep the jersey as cool as a bottle of coke, and we totally dig it.

Cost: $125