Green Jersey Edition Speedtrap Shades From 100%

You may have spotted three-time world champion Peter Sagan sporting translucent green Speeedtrap shades from 100% this July as he handily won his sixth Tour de France green jersey. Unfortunately for the public at large, these are a one-off colorway exclusively for the world champ and a select few VIPs. (It doesn’t get much more limited edition than that). We were lucky enough to be amongst the exclusive company to get a pair to test out. Fortunately, you can get all the same benefits of these glasses in other great colors.


The first thing you’ll notice about these shades, besides the futuristic looks, is the weight. They feel like nothing, and once you get the fit dialed in, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them. We initially experienced slight discomfort between the top of the frame and forehead but were quickly able to adjust the fit thanks to its three-way adjustable temple arms. Coupled with a grippy, yet comfortable nose piece, the Speedtrap provides an excellent fit for a wide range of faces.

The green multilayer mirror lens we tested provides great visibility for morning, evening, and overcast rides when the sun is less intense. The midday California Central Coast sunshine had our lighter-eyed testers wanting a darker lens during lunch rides. Luckily, the Speedtrap has a quick release lens system that makes swapping out lenses to keep up with changing conditions a breeze.

The closest thing to Peter Sagan we could find to model these Speedtraps.  Lego sculpture by David Tracy

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Vents integrated into the lens and frame prevent fogging and keep your face cool even with the generous peripheral coverage of the single lens shield. 100%’s in-house Hydroilo lens coating keeps water, oil, and sweat at bay so you can focus on the road ahead–not what’s on your lens.

While we can’t say for sure the Speedtrap will make you faster, we can attest to winning some county line sprints while wearing these shades and did feel speedier riding around in the very same eyewear as the man who won three Tour stages this summer alone.
From $205;