Giro Launches Helios Spherical Helmet with Spherical Technology Spherical Technology embeds the MIPS liner within the helmet allowing for more ventilation and comfort.

Helmet liners like MIPS that address the forces of rotational impacts have been a crucial step in helmet safety. Luckily, these liners have made their way into helmets across all price points, increasing the effectiveness of helmets for all kinds of cyclists. But incorporating them can often come with limitations for helmet design—to comfort, weight and ventilation. With the Helios Spherical, Giro solves many of these design issues by incorporating MIPS in a novel way through its Spherical Technology .


Spherical Technology, developed by Giro and and previously seen in the top end Aether helmet, does away with the traditional MIPS liner that rests inside the helmet, between the foam and the rider’s head, and instead uses a “ball-and-socket” design. This technology integrates the MIPS liner and accompanying elastomeric anchors within the helmet, placing them between two Nanobead EPS foam liners. Placing the liner within the helmet frees up the design of the Helios significantly, allowing Giro to add more of its Wind Tunnel internal channeling to improve airflow from the helmet’s fifteen vents, creating a cooler ride.

Importantly, the Spherical design increases safety beyond the traditional MIPS liner by allowing different densities in the separate foam liners. Varying the foam densities better accounts for differing characteristics experienced in high- versus low-speed impacts, leading to a safer, well-rounded helmet. And because the best way to prevent head trauma is to avoid accidents in the first place, the helmet is finished off with reflective decals for extra visibility.

The Spherical design adds comfort as well by removing pressure points that can be caused by the MIPS liner. Ionic+ antimicrobial padding lines the helmet for additional comfort and also prevents bacterial-caused odors. Giro’s well-liked Roc Loc 5 Air fit system secures the helmet to the head, allowing quick, independent adjustment of helmet tension and the height of the fit system.

The Helios Spherical retails for $250, bringing the benefits of Spherical Technology to a lower price point than the Aether, and comes in five different colors and three sizes. A size medium weighs 250 grams in the European CE version, which tends to be heavier than the CPSC versions certified for the American market. A test sample is on its way to the Peloton Service Course. Stay tuned for a review.

$250; 5 colors, 3 sizes;