Fulcrum Revamps Entry Level Racing 4, 5 and 6 DB Wheels Wider, tubeless ready rims and faster engaging hubs are among the key upgrades.

Fulcrum’s entry-level disc brake wheels have gotten an overhaul. The alloy Racing 4, 5 and 6 series wheels have been completely redesigned to be more aligned with the features we increasingly expect of modern wheelsets, including wider, tubeless ready rims.

Racing 4

The Racing 4 wheels feature a 34mm deep rim that has also been widened out internally to 19mm from the 17mm of the previous version. CNC machining the rim helps keep the weight similar to the 2018 version despite the wider rim shape. It now tips the scales at 1,710 grams, 20 grams more than the previous version.

But the wider, tubeless ready rims, which provide more support for high volume tires, should provide a better ride quality that counteracts the modest weight increase.

The Racing 4 hubs get an improvement, too, now featuring a 10-degree engagement angle instead of 12 degrees for more direct power transfer and quicker acceleration. 

The hubs on the updated Racing 4, 5 and 6 all feature faster engagement.

The 4 is the most premium of the three new wheelsets, costing $596-$607 depending on freehub style (Shimano/Sram 11-speed, XDR or N3W).

Racing 5

The Racing 5 wheels feature a 24mm deep U-shaped rim profile with a 20mm wide internal rim width which is 2mm shallower and 3mm wider than before. The set weighs in at 1,660 grams—up 50 grams from the previous version. As with the deeper Racing 4 wheels the Racing 5 is tubeless ready and features new hubs with a 10-degree engagement angle. The set costs $522-$534 depending on freehub type.

The Racing 4, 5 and 6 models all feature tubeless ready rims now.

Racing 6

The Racing 6 is the most entry level version of the Racing DB family, priced at $442-$454. Featuring a 20mm rim width and 24mm rim depth, the wheels weigh 1,780 grams for the set and feature the same hub engagement as the other two models in the family.

Maintaining a clean, attractive look was a priority for Fulcrum for the new wheels, so all three models feature laser etched graphics.

The entire range features laser etched graphics


Racing 4: $596 (HG11), $607 (XDR), $602 (N3W)

Racing 5: $522 (HG11), $534 (XDR), $529 (N3W)

Racing 6: $442 (HG11), $454 (XDR), $449 (N3W)

More info: fulcrumwheels.com