Fulcrum Releases Speed 40 and Speed 55 CMPTZN DB Wheels Update brings even lower weight and rolling resistance to Fulcrum’s top racing wheels

The Speed CMPTZN DB wheelsets, Fulcrum’s top wheels used by Team Cofidis and top riders like Elia Viviani, are now available to those of us who won’t be finding ourselves on the WorldTour anytime soon. There are two wheelsets in the lineup, a 40mm version and a 55mm version, both of which build on the Speed series, including the Speed 55 DB which was just released this spring in April 2020.


Much is the same between the already fast Speed series and the new Speed CMPTZN series. They share the same carbon rims with a twill finish, as well as a 2:1 spoke pattern. What changes is the type of bearings used in the hubs. Fulcrum’s CULT ceramic bearings are lighter and have a lower rolling resistance. In total, the 55mm version weighs 10 grams less and delivers a savings of up to to 3.5 watts per pedal stroke. The hubs on the CMPTZN version also make use of steel races that are highly corrosion resistant.

The other major change to the wheelsets provides more of a mental edge than a quantifiable one. The carbon hubs now feature a matte black color, matching the black on black graphics of the rims for a completely blacked out look. It probably won’t result in you going any faster, but it does look sleek. And, hey, never discount the placebo effect of looking fast!

The wheelsets feature a 19mm internal rim width and can be run with either traditional tubes or set up tubeless. The 40mm version tips the scale at 1,460 grams per set, with the 55mm version adding another 110 grams. Both versions cost $2,810 with an 11-speed freehub, and $2,821 with an XDR freehub. A limited number of wheelsets are available now. But if you can’t find one, don’t worry. Fulcrum says it plans to increase production in February 2021.

more info: fulcrumwheels.com