Four more bits to keep it real From Issue 76

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GU 25TH BIRTHDAY GEL GU is such a recognizable brand we don’t need to tell you that it fuels your workout and does it in an easily digestible and delicious way. In honor of the brand’s 25th birthday, let’s have a little history lesson instead. In 1993, Dr. Bill Vaughan concocted the first shot of GU energy gel in his Berkeley, California, kitchen to create a more easily digestible fuel for his ultramarathon daughter’s runs. The result was a revolutionary product that allowed athletes to fuel more effectively and more easily while in competition. Over the last 25 years, the company has developed a variety of sports nutrition products for almost any application. GU is still family owned, and is celebrating its 25th birthday with a new flavor: Birthday Cake! $12;

GOODYEAR EAGLE ALL-SEASON TUBELESS TIRES Goodyear is back in the cycling game with the new Eagle All-Season Tubeless Road Tires. Like its automobile-tire cousins, Eagle cycling tires are built for adverse conditions—namely wet, slippery roads. The tread features a smooth center with subtle side tread to grip the pavement in wet corners. Dynamic:Silica4 rubber complements the tread pattern for extra control. Helping minimize time spent fumbling to fix a flat with cold fingers is an R:Armor protective casing, which extends from bead to bead to give this tire full protection from road debris. Goodyear claims its new road tires are designed to allow for an easy floor-pump tubeless setup, which sounds pretty good, but as any rider with tubeless experience knows, it all depends on rim-and-tire combo. We’ll report back on that claim soon! $70;

SHIMANO S-PHYRE GLASSES The latest additions to Shimano’s S-Phyre line are two new glasses: the Shimano S-Phyre R and S-Phyre X. The lenses are larger, their formfitting design adds comfort, while reducing airflow to the eyes, and the anti-scratch lenses come in darker tint options for better visibility in bright conditions. The S-Phyre R boasts a wide one-piece lens and a black rimless frame, a non-slip temple and swappable nose pads. These glasses are as comfortable as they are practical. The S-Phyre X uses the same lens design but with a half-frame upper to hold the lenses in place and a detachable lower frame that offers extra cheek and lens protection. Both glasses come with your choice of photochromic or darktint polarized lens and include an alternative Cloud Mirror lens for low-light conditions. The S-Phyre R comes in black and S-Phyre X is available in black or metallic blue. $150 (R1), $160 (X1);

SPORTFUL BODYFIT PRO GLOVE Ridden by none other than current world champion and all-around cycling god Peter Sagan, the Sportful BodyFit Pro Glove takes the edge off of hand fatigue in a simple and effective design. The gloves feature a smooth Lycra construction and a soft, supple palm. Strategically placed, open-cell-foam padding and a microfiber sweat-wipe keep your bars dry for increased control and silicone-dot print on the palm and fingers helps you avoid loss of grip. There is nothing worse than a sweaty palm when trying to maintain control over your bike, so Sportful has added micro perforations in the palm to increase airflow and keep your hands cool and ready for action. These gloves forego pesky Velcro straps for a slip-on design, but don’t let this minimalist theme fool you into thinking they are lacking in comfort; the palms feature mid-density foam for impact zones and high-pressure areas to keep your hands healthy and happy. $45;

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