Flashy Gravel Hoops: HED Emporia GA Pro Silver Edition

Your gravel bike is about get a lot flashier.

HED has bolstered its gravel wheel lineup with a new alloy wheelset in a chrome finish, the Emporia GA Pro Silver Edition. But it’s more than just a good looking wheelset, it also happens to be a solid deal, with specs that beat many carbon hoops.

With a 25mm internal rim width and 30mm external width, the Emporia GA Pro Silver Edition is a true gravel wheel made to support wide tires, measuring 40mm or more, used in the discipline. To handle the additional demands gravel puts on wheels, HED’s Fat Lip technology reinforces the rim bead. The rims are laced to HED Sonic 512/545 hubs with 24 spokes front and rear. Built up, the wheels are impressively light. The rear weighs in at 820 grams and the front at 715 grams for a total of 1,535 grams for a 700c wheelset (sorry 650b fans, these are 700c only). That weight lets these wheels compete with carbon hoops, and at a better price in most cases. The set costs $1,200, making it an enticing upgrade over a standard set you might get on a gravel bike.

These wheels aren’t alone in their nod to the classic look of bikes produced before today’s era of all-black carbon. Last spring, Zipp released its Service Course line of components—handlebars, stems and seat posts—in a silver finish, hoping to give custom bike builders more options for creating classic looking bikes with modern performance. And of course, any bike, custom or otherwise, can look great with the silver finish. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

The Emporia GA Pro Silver Edition is a limited release, so if you have to have a pair don’t wait around to get yours. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

More info: hedcycling.com