Feedback’s Omnium Portable Trainer offers robust compatibility in a lightweight package

If the design of this sleek trainer looks similar, it’s because it was purchased from the Indiana-based company SportCrafters that’s been in the trainer business for 20 years. Feedback liked the construction so much that they brought it in-house and tweaked the design some to make it their own.


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The Omnium Portable Trainer utilizes a straightforward fork-mount design that is ideal for those traveling (heavy-duty tote bag included) to races or live in quarters with limited space. The main difference from the SportCrafters original version is a substantially reinforced tripod. Although not as stout as other competitors at home offerings, this trainer stays firmly planted and is not nearly as bulky to move around.


This set-up is a breeze to get up and running, requiring no tools or assembly; just simply unfold and mount the bike to the front QR, whether it is standard, 12 x 100, 15 x 100 or 15 x 110 (boost) thru axles. The double four-inch rollers are smooth as silk, while providing progressive magnetic resistance when pedaling. When riding we found the fork mount to be quite sturdy. Aggressive sprint efforts felt truly supported and safe. Internal Progressive Resistance (IPR) from the Omnium delivers a good road feel while minimizing the common trainer sounds – the drums played virtually silent, the only noise came from rear wheel air-flow when we pumped up the the watts for our 5×5 power climbing intervals.

Wheel sizes from 600 to 700c will work and no maintenance is necessary because the bearings come pre-greased and sealed. We switched between our mountain, road and ‘cross bikes with ease. Although not tested for an extended time period (give us a break, it’s summer!) the Omnium seems built to last a long time. The SportCrafters version we tested in the past offered incredible longevity so we see no reason why the Feedback won’t as well. Our favorite attribute of this new trainer from Feedback is the portability and size – the total package weight is only 13.2 pounds (5.99 kg) and folded dimensions are 66 cm x 18 cm x 20 cm for those looking to stash this under their bed until old man winter comes knocking.