ENVE Releases new SES AR Road Handlebar Images Courtesy of ENVE

ENVE has released a new handlebar meant to keep up with the latest preferences of road riders. Called the SES AR Road Handlebar, it gets the AR “All-Road” designation which ENVE assigns to products that are better suited to the wants and needs of riders today, much like how the SES 4.5 AR wheels were developed for tires measuring 28mm and wider.


In the past few years, riders have added bigger tires to their road bikes and started to venture into more mixed surface riding. To better accommodate this kind of riding, ENVE sees a place for bars with compound-flared drops offering a medium amount of flare. With 23.5mm of drop flare, the new SES AR Road falls in between the minimal flare of the SES Aero handlebar and the aggressive flare of the gravel-oriented G Series handlebar. It essentially combines the aero attributes of the former with some of the comfort and control in the drops of the latter.

The new bar feature a compact geometry with 76mm of reach and 127mm of drop. The tops transition into a tight bend to the hoods, providing forearm support. And the drops offer two distinct hand positions for more variety and control in mixed terrain riding.

This new handlebar also belongs to the SES “Smart ENVE System” family of products which have been developed with CFD and wind tunnel tested to be aerodynamic in real world conditions. To that end, it features flat, aero-shaped tops and internal cable routing—as well as the option for external routing to increase compatibility with more bikes. 

The bars retails for $375 and are available in five sizes: 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 44cm and 46cm.

More info: enve.com