Elite Rizer | Gear of the Day

Workouts for users of Elite trainers are about to go up a level. The new Elite Rizer attaches to your bike’s fork, raising and lowering it to simulate inclines of up to 20 percent and declines down to 10 percent for more realistic immersion into virtual training software. Integrated steering adds an additional layer of immersion for the most realistic indoor training possible. And there’s more reason to train with a system like the Rizer than simply to feel more like the real world. The Rizer ensures you use the same muscle groups you would on the road, making the most of your precious training time. It’s compatible with a variety of Elite trainers, including Direto XR, Direto XR-T, Suito, Suito-T and Tuo. Whether you ride road or gravel, it’s time to elevate your training needs. 

$1,100; elite-it.com