Easton EC90 Aero Handlebar | Gear of the Day

Aerodynamics matter for every part of your bike. But aerodynamics matter a whole lot more at the leading edge, where the bike first comes into contact with wind. That’s why a handlebar designed to cheat the wind is an easy way to save precious watts. The Easton EC90 Aero handlebar features an updated anatomic wing top section sculpted to be the best leading edge you can give your bike. Slightly flared bar ends provide wrist clearance during sprints, so you can fully unleash all the energy you saved with these bars. Naturally for an aero handlebar, there is internal cable routing, and if you’re into matching parts and fast wheels, the matte carbon finish is the same as Easton’s EC90 SL Aero55 wheelset. If you’re in the market for some aero upgrades, this one is far cheaper than a new frame or wheels.

$350; 230g; 3 widths; eastoncycling.com