Easton Drops New Adventure Seat Post—EA 70 AX Dropper Post The brand brings dropper posts to the 27.2mm standard, for gravel and ‘cross.

For the first seat post in its AX gravel/adventure line of components, Easton is going big—by going smaller…in diameter that is. The EA70 AX dropper seat post brings the extra off-road capabilities of a dropper post to the 27.2mm seat-post standard found on many gravel and cyclocross bikes.


Images by @ridegradient/Easton

Dropper posts have usually been the purview of mountain bikes, but with riders blurring the boundaries of where a gravel bike can go, more riders are seeking out dropper posts. With the 27.2mm EA 70 AX, more ‘cross and gravel bikes can join in on the fun, not just those with 30.9mm seat tube diameters.

The new post brings 50mm of drop in two lengths, 350mm and 400mm, so you can find a size that’s right for your frame. And the cable can attach from either direction ensuring compatibility with all dropper levers. The 350mm version weighs in at 400 grams. Each size utilizes a cartridge design, features a 0mm offset head and costs $185.

More info: eastoncycling.com