Domane Goes Electric The Trek Domane+ LT

Trek’s Domane, a bike we love for its versatility, speed and comfort, is going electric. Powered by a Fazua system, the Domane+ assists up to 20 mph for a claimed continuous 65 miles. And retaining many of the ride-enhancing technologies of the non-electric Domane, it aims to be just as fun of a ride when the assist cuts out.


At a glance, this bike looks exactly like the latest Domane released in the summer. In the past decade or so, the Domane has gone from a specialist tool for the classics to perhaps the most well-rounded bike in Trek’s range. Leading the charge in this development is its road-dampening front and adjustable toptube IsoSpeed, as well as its ability to clear 38c tires.

On closer inspection, details like a control panel on the toptube, a slit in the downtube where the battery pack nests in and a motor in the bottom bracket reveal a feature packed e-bike.

A lightweight Fazua system with a 250 Wh battery, coupled with 500 series Trek’s OCLV carbon, brings the total weight for a size 56cm to 29.9 lbs. Removing the battery from the downtube brings the total weight down to 23.6 lbs—not quite matching a high end road bike, but not too heavy either. And in a nice use of its electronic internals, front and rear lights come integrated.

The assist is controlled by a panel conveniently located on the toptube. Once the bike reaches 20 mph, the assist seamlessly cuts out so you can keep pedaling without experiencing any resistance.

The Domane+ LT is available now with a 2×11 Shimano Ultegra drivetrain for $6,500. It’s the first Trek electric bike available through the Project One custom bike program.

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