Dec 2, 2015 – Cyclocross hurts, so we embrace any way to make it a bit easier and we have embraced the ’cross Sanremo speed suit in a big way.


Based on the first SanRemo speed suit that launched the single piece jersey/short revolution, the ’cross version features Thermof lex fabric on the upper, three-quarter-length sleeves, a high neck, KISS Air chamois and a large pull tab on the zipper for easy use with longer finger gloves.

Even the cut has been altered to make running and shouldering your bike more comfortable.

The shorts are modeled on the Body Paint line and are not insulated. Combine this with the vents under the armpits and the suit can be used across a wide range of temperatures. But our favorite feature is the two rear pockets, since we’ve been using it for a lot more than just ’cross.