The Selle Italia SP-01 Kit Carbonio Superflow is the latest in comfort and performance technology from the Italian brand. The SP-01 offers increased comfort with an innovative split rear frame while maintaining strength, support, and low weight with a carbon-fiber-dominant construction. This saddle’s specs speak to high-performance cycling, and it’s white-on-black finish and signature Selle Italia aesthetic make it a piece of equipment that looks as fast as it rides.


The most notable difference between the SP-01 and Selle Italia’s other models is the split rear end. The rear frame, divided into two parts, allows the saddle to adapt and flex subtly to different riding positions and shifts of rider weight from side to side and front to back. Down the center of the saddle, the oversized Superflow channel minimizes limitations caused by pressure points in the perineal region and allows a wider range of comfortable riding positions both fore and aft, and Fibra-Tek technical microfiber cover material reduces friction and will last through years of abuse. The saddle’s shell is made from 30% carbon composite and high grade polymer and is bonded to Carbo Keramic ceramic-coated carbon rails for impeccable strength, durability, and weight-savings.

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We haven’t yet gotten a chance to ride one, but look for a full test-ride review of the Selle Italia SP-01 Kit Carbonio Superflow in our upcoming Italian issue of Peloton Magazine. The SP-01 is available in two widths, indicated by an “L” or an “S,” to accommodate a range of body types. To give riders more options, Selle Italia also offers a titanium rail SP-01 for $350 and a super-light, super-expensive SP-01 Tekno Superflow version for $500. Check out Selle Italia’s website for the nearest location of a dealer with their patented “idmatch” smart calipers to find the perfect size and model to match your butt.

165g $390