Colnago C64: Traditional Excellence The C64 delivers more performance, more aggression, more pure speed, than any C series bike before.

When new bike’s launch they are usually a sliver lighter, a bit stiffer and get some aero sculpting, but as the industrial design team wields its stylus, those updates often come in very different looking packages, resulting in a bike that seems to share no lineage with the models that wore the same name a few seasons ago. Not so with Colnago’s C series bikes. From the C40 to the C50 to the C59, the C60 to the new Colnago C64, that lineage is easy to spot, grounding the bike in storied Colnago lore.


But this new Colnago C64 is different. It’s a difference any rider will feel at the pedals. The C64 delivers more performance under power, more aggressive acceleration, more pure speed, than any C series bike before it. But with your backside in the saddle and hands on the bars it retains an almost spiritual ride quality, floating across pavement, yet ready to dive into a corner and create gaps. It’s the cycling embodiment of Theodore Roosevelt, “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.” The C64 is all diplomacy and good manners, until it’s time to dice at the front.

The C64 is built just like the other ‘C’ – ‘C’ for carbon – bikes, and a bit like the old steel bikes that made Ernesto Colnago famous. Carbon tubes are fitted to carbon lugs, but instead of wielding a torch, they are bonded. It’s the way Colnago has done ‘Made in Italy’ carbon since the C40 in mid ’90s. It won’t ever compete with Asian monocoque carbon in pure stiffness to weight – a 52cm C64 frame will be in 850gram range, over 200grams lighter than a C60, but almost 200grams heavier than some of the latest monocoque carbon. Of course, with the right build, like our Super Record 11 equipped 56cm, the C64 can easily reach the sub-15lb mark.

Colnago dropped the weight with larger diameter tubes and thinner tube walls, with lugs to match. The seat tube and seat cluster lug are now a single piece, with top tube, seat stays and bottom bracket lug bonded to it. The 3K weave exterior is gone, in favor of lighter, uni-directional carbon. It offers room for 28mm tires, and if you opt for disc brakes, most 30mm tires will comfortably fit. Even the stem has been redesigned to route disc brake cables internally. This is a thoroughly modern bike, with a traditional soul.The bottom line? Despite the similar appearance and manufacturing process, the C64 is an entirely new animal and the best ‘C’ bike Colnago has ever made.

100% Handmade in Italy
Tube and Lug Construction
28mm tire clearance
Direct mount rim brake or flat mount disc w/ 12 mm through Axels
Threadfit 82.5 BB for a lifetime of noise free pedaling
14 frame sizes available
Ridden by UAE Team Emirates in the UCI World Tour
8 stock colors + Custom Geo and Custom Paint available

Frameset Prices: $6,199.95 Rim, $6,499.95 Disc
6.59kg/14.5lbs – 56cm, Campagnolo Super Record 11 & Bora Ultra 50 Wheels