Cold Weather Apparel We Dig Goods from Alé, POC, Pactimo and Pearl Izumi

Alé PR-S Delta Micro Long Sleeve Jersey

There’s a lot to like about this made-in-Italy long sleeve jersey from Alé. It’s soft and provides a little bit of stretch, and while it is cut with the closeness you would expect of a performance-oriented jersey, nowhere is it overly tight. Notably, the sleeves and waist fit a bit closer, helping keep warmth in and the jersey locked in place. It’s not water or wind resistant, but it adds just a little bit of extra insulation on those cool days without needing to break out arm warmers, and can be layered up with a jacket during cold spells. We quite like the red to purple to black color scheme as well. And a few hi-vis yellow logos help add a little more safety to your ride, without making you look like you’re wearing a full-on traffic vest. It features the standard three back pockets, plus a fourth, smaller side one. Just be aware that, while some cycling clothing brands will advise you to size up, it’s truly necessary for Alé. The brand runs a full size smaller than most cycling apparel.


 POC Thermal Glove

Winter gloves are a fickle thing to get right. We always prefer gloves to lobster-claw style mittens—where the middle and ring fingers are separated to create two finger compartments resembling a crustacean’s claw—because they maintain maximum finger dexterity. But at a certain point, gloves become so thick that fingers can’t really move and you may as well have mittens. Not with the POC Thermal Glove. Made with Primaloft Gold, this glove remains thin enough to control your shifters, but has enough warming power for below freezing days. Stretchy, water-repellant fabric on the back creates a comfortable fit, while reflective details add visibility during those dark winter days. With stylish and supple goat leather on the palms, this toasty glove seamlessly does double duty, transitioning to off-the-bike activities, for whatever the rest of the day brings.


Pearl Izumi Merino Long Sleeve Baselayer

Not all baselayers are made the same. To keep your body temperature well-regulated on cold days, this long sleeve baselayer from Pearl Izumi utilizes a polyester-wool construction, made with a method called plating. Each material serves an important function. The polyester, made from recycled material, wicks away moisture quickly to the Merino wool layer, where it evaporates. The Merino layer also acts as insulation, keeping you warm all day long. This baselayer fits close around the back, somewhat pulling you into the riding position, but isn’t overly constricting around the shoulders or neck. And a drop tail matches the silhouette of most modern cycling jackets, and keeps your lower back fully covered. Perhaps our favorite thing about this baselayer is the thumb tabs on the sleeves. It’s such a simple detail, but it makes layering a long sleeve jersey or jacket worlds easier (and removes another minor excuse keeping you from riding in the cold).


Pactimo Alpine Vest

A winter vest can be difficult to justify. There are many people who don’t quite see the need for one and would rather get a full jacket instead of a heavier-weight vest. But we’re very in favor of winter vests, especially on cold rides that go uphill, or start out very brisk and heat up. This Alpine Vest from Pactimo is a great option. On faster rides, couple this vest with a long sleeve jersey to keep your core warm and your arms breathable enough to shed excess heat. A two-way zipper lets you shed additional heat if needed, and the whole package, while larger than a wind vest, can still pack into a pocket if needed. It’s great for rides in the 30 to mid 40°F range and has excellent water resistance. Reflective details front and back provide necessary visibility during those low-light months.


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